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RealZips for

About the RealZips app

  • The RealZips app is 100% native in
  • RealZips is a single tab app, which is easy to install and roll out to your team.
  • The app adds geographic data to all your CRM data in


RealZips provides geographical structure to CRM data, helping your team sell more.

Align Customer Data

Enrich CRM Data
Speed up sales workflows with geographic data.

Manage Territories
Empower the organization with shared territory data.

Route Leads
Connect instantly with prospective customers.

Align Ownership
Match customer records with the right sales people.


Target and Close

Identify Potential
Rank geographic areas based on market potential.

Target Locations
Focus on areas with greatest potential and close deals faster.

Track Performance
Identify key metrics that drive marketing and sales success.

Mobilize Sales
Use geographic data before, during, and after each call.



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