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RealZips for

Your Free 30-day trial

The Salesforce Admin can quickly install and configure RealZips to enable your team to test the RealZips app.
  • Up to 10 users can test RealZips for 30 days, using a limited RealZips dataset.
  • During the test, no existing CRM data is manipulated.
  • If the app is removed or the trial period runs out, no existing CRM data is deleted.
  • The app does not require end users to spend time on data entry and they can start using RealZips immediately with very little training.

Customers testing out the RealZips app typically experience over 100 hours saved within the first days, related to being able to align ownership across all of their data.

Test RealZips with a full geographic dataset

We understand that some of our clients do need to test the RealZips app with the complete geographic dataset, especially while planning a larger deployment of the app.

Contact RealScenario, Inc. to sign a trial license agreement and run the RealZips trial with a full geographic dataset. Please contact us at

RealZips runs on these Salesforce Editions

Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance.

System Administrator privileges

The installation must be done by a user with System Administrator rights.

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