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RealZips version 1.9 - Summer 2014

We're adding the following features:
  • Management of Postal codes in Canada.
  • Fields for FSAs (forward sortation area in Canada).
  • Field "RealZips Ext ID", that is replacing ID".

After the upgrade, take the following steps:

1. Create report with fields shown below.
2. Export to CSV format.
3. In the CSV file, cut header name "RealZips Ext ID"
4. Paste into the " ID DEPRECATED" space.
5. Your CSV should only have "RealZip: ID" and "RealZips EXT ID"
6. Upsert the CSV file with Apex Dataloader or

Real Financial Info section for each Zip code:

We have added placeholders for zip code bases financial information such as local and state tax. Contact us to acquire the dataset.


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