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Missing leading zeros in Microsoft Excel

Leading zeros in Zip codes often create challenges when moving data in or out of

Common challenges

You have a file of Leads in Microsoft Excel.  the zip codes that start with a zero will often lose the leading zero. You try to change format to "Zip Code", but the leading zeros are still missing. You import Leads into Salesforce and the Excel file or CSV file does not contain a leading zero.

Next you try to convert the numbers field to text. No matter what you try, the leading zero is still missing.

Number of leading zeros by state

Leading zeros in the United States are used in the New England area. There are close to 3,400 zip code that starts with a zero.

How RealZips make it easier to work with leading zeros

In the RealZips app, the zip code “01234” has a unique ID that is “RZ-US-01234”. The field is called “RealZips EXT ID”.

Once you have RealZips installed in Salesforce.  use the “RealZips EXT ID” to avoid issues related to leading zeros in zip codes.

The RealZips data contains unique IDs for each zip / postal code in the world, to simplify management of zip codes in

How to repair leading zeros in a Microsoft Excel file.
The attached file shows how you can repair a file with missing leading zeros. This is useful when:
  • You're preparing to import data to
  • When you need to repair existing zip code data in

If you need to repair data in Salesforce, export a file with fields similar to what's shown in the attached file. Repair the data and the upsert the zip code data to


RealZips_Sample_-_Add_Leading_Zero_to_Zip_code.xlsx RealZips_Sample_-_Add_Leading_Zero_to_Zip_code.xlsx

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