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Linking CRM data with RealZips GeoData

As your CRM data is entered and updated, it is automatically connected to a matching RealZip. On leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and cases, the lookup field called “RealZips” is used to automatically make the connection.
If you hover on the RealZip link, key information for the zip code is shown (use Mini Page Layout to change field shown). When clicking the RealZip link, you’ll be taken to the RealZip page for the zip code.
For the RealZip lookup field to automatically be populated, there must be a valid zip code and the Country field must be populated with a valid country name.


Initiate the RealZips link

When installing RealZips, the link between your CRM data and RealZips GeoData must be initiated. The process is similar to editing and saving a lead. When you save a single lead – that do not yet have a RealZip link - you will  notice see how the RealZips link will automatically appear.
To quickly update the RealZips links across all your data, you need to initiate an automated save. By doing so, you can link 100,000+ of records to RealZips within minutes. No data will be changed in the process. The “Last Modified” and “Last Modified by” fields will be updated. The RealZips field will be populated; given there are a matching zip code and a matching country name.

As you run updates across all your CRM data to link to RealZips, it is a very good idea to clean up both Zip code fields, plus complete and harmonize Country fields at the same time.

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