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RealZips GeoData in Views

Most organizations use custom Views for leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and cases.

Enriching views with RealZips GeoData very powerful, helping your team to take full advantage of all existing CRM data.

Time Zone Example

You can quickly add RealZips fields to existing Views. You can  add “Time Zone” to a Leads View in seconds.

Time Zone is useful, since it makes it a breeze to manage outbound sales calls. Your team can have different Views of Leads for each Time Zone.

The Leads View below shows how to instantly put RealZips to use:
  • RealZips owner: Shows if the Lead is owned by the right salesperson.
  • County Zip: Shows standardized county name across the whole country.
  • Time Zone: Helps your team to plan outbound calls.
  • RealZips Performance: Shows the overall sales performance in the Zip code.

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