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RealZips History: Ownership & Territory Changes

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RealZips History is is a powerful function in the RealZips app, creating permanent records of territory changes.

RealZips History makes is possible to track changes across:
  • Sales people associated with RealZips.
  • Support teams responsible for each RealZip.
  • Vendors, partners and resellers associated with all RealZips.
  • Territories border changes.

RealZips History on the RealZips page

Changes withing a single zip code can be viewed at the bottom of each RealZip page:

Your team can run reports across all changes. RealZips History creates fairness and legal protection for all parties involved, such as your organization, employees, partners, distributors, and customers.


Setup History Tracking of RealZips fields

You can add additional fields to be tracked, such as custom fields your organization has added to the RealZips object.

Setup > Create > Objects > RealZip > Set History Tracking:

On the RealZip Field History page, add additional fields to be tracked in the history.
- Save when the changes are done.
- Make sure to test that changed in the new fields are correctly added to the history.


Create a Report on RealZips History

Changes in ownership (Owner, territory name, etc.) is tracked in the RealZips History function. To run a report across changes, set up a report as follows:

Create a New Report:
- Set report type to "RealZip History"

Add fields and filters to the report

You can easy filter on a certain Sales Territory or for a certain sales person (Owner Name).

In the example below, the "Sales Territory" field is set to contain "manhattan". Changes in all sales territories that have the word "Manhattan" will be included.

By changing Time Frame, you can select a specific day, week or month that you would like to create the report for.


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