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Take a Test Drive

It's very simple to test drive the RealZips app in five minutes or less:
  • Login using your Salesforce credentials or login as Guest.

You will be logged into a test Salesforce organization where you can try out RealZips.

When you are logged in, the home tab has a number of useful links:

  • Search for 32610 and click Go!


Review the whole page for RealZip 32610, from top to bottom:
  • You can close / open a section, by clicking on the small triangle.
  • At the bottom of the page are all Leads, Accounts, Contacts in the RealZip.

All geographic data on the RealZip page can be cross-linked in reports and on page layouts, enriching leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and cases.

To view reports on RealZips or Leads across a whole County, simply use these buttons (new window will open):

  • Hover on a RealZip in Recent Items:

Key information for the Realzips will pop up. Your Salesforce Admin can set up the pop-up windows to show any type of information related to the RealZip:

  • Go to the Leads tab and select view "RealZips View"

A green checkbox for "RealZip Owner" indicates the Lead is owned by the right salesperson.
  • Notice how RealZips GeoData is added to each Lead: City, Country and Time Zone.
  • Any data from RealZips can be added to all of your Leads, Accounts and Contacts.

The RealZips app provides a platform for geographic data in your system. Your existing CRM data will be enriched and structured after installing the RealZips app.

Next step:

Click here to begin your free trial: Cheat Sheet - RealZips Install Configuration

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