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Assign Leads based on OwnerID

If you have many users, consider using the OwnerID to route leads based on the Owner of the RealZip record.

By using OwnerID for lead routing, you don't need to change the Lead Assignment rule when a User's name is changed.

Below are two methods of assigning leads shown:

1. Simple method that uses the actual name of the RealZips Owner, which is very easy to set up.
2. The more robust method that uses the OwnwerID of the RealZip Owner.

By using the OwnwerID method, you do not need to modify a Lead Assignment Rule when a User's name changes.

How to use the Excel file:
  • Download the Excel file - at bottom of this post
  • Export a list of active users
  • Automatically generate the code for Lead Assignment bases on OwnerID

How to paste the code generated in the Excel file, into a Leads Assignment rule:



RealZips_Lead_Assignment_Rules_-_Based_on_OwnerID.xlsx RealZips_Lead_Assignment_Rules_-_Based_on_OwnerID.xlsx

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