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RealZips and Enterprise Territory Management (Territory Management 2.0)

Use RealZips GeoData for Enterprise Territory Management

Territory Management 2.0 was introduced in the Winter '15 release. It is now called Enterprise Territory Management
Make sure you have a good understanding of Enterprise Territory Management, before using in your production environment. We recommend a test deployment in your Sandbox.

Put 3,000,000 GeoData points to use, creating powerful Account Sharing rules

You can use RealZips GeoData to structure the territory hierarchy and Account Assignment rules in Enterprise Territory Management (ETM). When using the RealZips app, the Account assignment rules have a robust reference to every existing Zip code and all GeoData associated with each Zip code.

Automated Account assignment in ETM, using RealZips GeoData:

With the RealZips app, you can divide the country into pre-existing geographic areas, to create sales territories, regions and divisions. By using existing GeoData, your sales territory structure can follow federal regions and divisions. These are examples of RealZips GeoData you can use to quickly set up territories and account sharing across the United States:
  • Census Divisions - Four major divisions across the US. e.g. for VP level territories.
  • Census Regions - Nine regions across the US. Useful for e.g. Sales Director territories.
  • Sales Regions - Managed in RealZips on a Zip code level. Can be used for Sales Manager territories.
  • Sales Territories - Managed in RealZips on a Zip code level. Useful for Sales Representative territories.
  • States - For  quick setup of territories (one or multiple states). Useful for Sales reps and support teams.
  • Metropolitan Areas - for organizations focused on MSAs. Useful for dedicated MSA representatives.
  • Counties - Useful for geographically small territories and Channel Partners.
  • Cities - Assign Accounts across Cities. RealZips provides exact city names, for accurate assignment.
  • Time Zones  - For dedicated outbound call center team territories.
  • Any other standard or custom geographic data points in RealZips or criteria such as Zip codes with at least 100 Accounts, population greater than 5,000 people, or over 100 surgeons in the Zip code.
Zip codes - Since RealZips contain all valid Zip codes, Account assignment will always be done with Zip code precision. Multiple sales people can own a single Zip code, divided by company size, product type, industry vertical, etc.

RealZips is used to create automated Account Assignment rules across all these types of territories.


Most companies set up sharing rules by mixing different criteria, such as State, City and range of Zip codes. This method becomes very hard to maintain, since the data may not be available or misspelled on the Account. If your account sharing rule looks for "Fort Lauderdale" as city, you will most likely have the following spellings in our CRM data: "Ft. Lauderdale", "Fort Laderdale", etc.

Mixing criteria makes it hard to change the rules over time, as territories change. It's very easy to end up with account sharing rules that are almost impossible to maintain.


RealZips verifies if the Zip code on the Account is valid. With a valid Zip code, over 100 geographic data points become available to cross-match against the Account sharing rules. Maintaining sales territories in the RealZips app and the Account sharing rules is easy. Changes in territory ownership (new salesperson coming onboard) will automatically be available for the account sharing rules in Territory Management 2.0.

With RealZips, ownership of Accounts can be continously be verified against the Zip code. Adjusting and improving ownership across thousands of Accounts takes minutes!

How to implement RealZips and ETM

It's faster to implement RealZips and ETM together, than rolling out ETM alone. RealZips holds 3,000,000 Geographic data points - over 50 for every Zip code - that are referenced in Account Assignment Rules in ETM. You can take full advantage of all RealZips GeoData as you quickly build the account sharing rules!

RealZips GeoData for Territory Management

Many geographic data points are included in the RealZips app. Your custom sales regions and sales districts can quickly be populated in RealZips. We provide best practices on the topic.

RealZips GeoData for Zip code 10019 in New York City:

Build  the territory hierarchy in ETM

In this example, there are six levels of layered  and parallel territories in the Northeast.
  • Census Reg 1 - Northeast:  For the "VP of Sales for Northeast" position. The accounts are instantly made available for the User, since the Census regions are in RealZips.
  • Census Div 1 New England -  "Sales Director for New England". Account Sharing rules will instantly give the User access, since Census divisions are in RealZips.
  • MSA New York / NY-NJ - Key Account Manager position across Metropolitan New York. Build rules based on RealZips and provide immediate access to accounts.
  • County New York NY - Can be used for a Support Team or Channel Partner territory. Build rules based on RealZips and provide immediate access to accounts.
  • Sales Region Manhattan and Long Island - For the Sales Manager's access to accounts. The sales regions are defined in RealZips. The account assignment rules will immediately provide this user with access to the Accounts.
  • Sales Territory Manhattan - For the Sales Representative in Manhattan. The sales territories are defined on a Zip code level in RealZips. All changes of Zip codes are tracked in RealZips. The Accounts across Manhattan will instantly become available to the salesperson, using account assignment rules.

RealZips data on the Account

RealZips data is made available on the Account, linked back to the RealZip.

You can decide how many RealZip data fields are needed on the page.You can simplify what is shown by concatenating codes for different territories in the same field. We recommend to only put data points that help your whole team:

Build Assignment Rules

Simple Assignment Rule providing VP of Sales for Northeast with access to thousands of Accounts across the Northeast:

Simple Assignment Rule that will provide the Sales rep with access to all accounts in the Manhattan Territory:

Review Rules

You can easily review Assignment Rules, by hovering on the Rule Names:

Run Rules

To trigger the rules, click Run Rules on the Hierarchy page:

Account page with with Assignment Rules
  • Add the related list Assigned Territories.
  • Your whole team can now see which territories an Account is assigned to:

Verify Account Ownership with RealZips

After making changes in Account ownership, it's crucial to be able to verify the changes.

The RealZips app has a built-in function that lets you verify and align ownership across all CRM data.

On the Account page your whole team can see if the Account is owned by the right salesrep. The green checkbox indicates a match between the RealZip owner and the owner of the Account. If a red "X" is shown, the account must be changed to the right owner.

RealZips comes with a set of reports that lets you immediately check across all data, to identify how many records are owned by the wrong person. You can make corrections within minutes.

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