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RealZips version 2.2 - Winter 2015

The RealZips Winter '15 release expands postal code coverage across the major markets in Europe, plus  adding Zip code / Postal code mapping capabilities.

A number of pre-defined reports are now included to aid in setting up sales territories and quickly connect all CRM data to the corresponding RealZips. The reports make it easy to align ownership across all CRM data by matching Zip code owners with owners of Leads, Accounts, Contacts and more.

This document covers:

  • Added Countries
  • RealZips Maps
  • RealZips Reports

Added countries


The RealZips app now has software code coverage for the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Sweden

RealZips Maps

About Zip code maps

There are 40,000 Zip codes in the US and other countries have even more postal codes. Zip codes are of great importance, building and driving marketshare and sales processes.

To let your Salesforce users to visualize Zip codes / Postal codes, we're excited to add mapping capabilities in the latest version. The mapping is intended to provide a quick snapshot of the location, similar to what will soon be offered in the core Salesforce Cloud. For more sophisticated mapping integration of RealZips, please contact us and we'll recommend a suitable mapping partner software.

Pop Up map - Mini-Page Layout

When hovering on the RealZips link anywhere in Salesforce, the Mini Page Layout can be configured to show a small map (RealZip Map Icon). In order to display the map on the Mini Page Layout, you need to also put the map on the RealZips Page Layout. We recommend to you put the RealZip Map Icon on the bottom, under the System Information section.

RealZips Page map

A large map of the Zip code can now be displayed, using the field RealZips Map. We recommend putting the map high up on the RealZips Page Layout, under a Section named "RealZip Map".

RealZips Border maps

Use the links named "Google Maps - Border" to provide a pop-up maps that show the exact Zip code border, city border of county border:


Google Maps - Zip Border: Zip code 18504 in Scranton, PA

Google Maps - City Border: Scranton, PA

Google Maps - County Border: Lackawanna County, PA

Maps in reports

It is now possible to add RealZips maps to reports, to visualize the center point of a Zip code. This is a very effective method of providing marketing and sales teams with a visual overview of a target area. You can easily filter out and display RealZips across a city, county or sales territory.

RealZips reports

A wide array of reports is now included in the RealZips app.

The reports support workflows such as:
  • Build / change territories.
  • Provide overview of market potential and sales performance.
  • Set up Lead Assignment rules.
  • Export RealZips data to mapping software.
  • Trigger updates of existing CRM data, connecting to RealZips.
  • Support data quality projects, such as completing country and Zip codes.
  • Provide overview of ownership alignment.
  • Reassign thousands of records to the right owners at once.

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