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Salesforce Connect and RealZips

Setting up Salesforce Connect (Salesforce to Salesforce  / S2S) and RealZips

Since the custom code for the RealZips is not affecting leads pushed from any connection Org (using Salesforce-to-Salesforce feature), we can make use of Workflow Rules to work hand in hand with the RealZips app.

Here are some sample scenarios where Workflow Rules is the most feasible alternative when using the S2S feature:

Workflow rules will only be triggered for records shared using Salesforce to Salesforce when:
•       You accept a parent record.
•       A child record is inserted.
•       You are subscribed to the fields that are configured to trigger the workflow rules.

Some suggestions for criteria for workflow rules for Salesforce to Salesforce include:
•       Received Connection Name field on leads, opportunities, and custom objects.
•       Current User equals pnet.
•       Last Modified By field equals Connection User.

For example, you can create a task for a user every time a connection updates a lead:
.      Create a workflow rule with the following criteria:
•       Evaluation criteria: Evaluate the rule when a record is: created, and every time it’s edited
•       Run the rule when criteria are met.
•       Rule criteria: “Lead: Last Modified By equals Connection User”.

Please note that other criteria can be ignored as well. What we need to focus on is the criteria "created by equals connection user".

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To monitor records from connection Org, we can also use reports:

For more information on how "Salesforce to Salesforce" impacts existing validation rules and apex triggers please refer to the blog:"

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