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RealZips version 3.11 - Spring 2016

The RealZips Spring '16 release further expands postal code coverage across North America and adds Drive Time

  • Software code improvement
  • RealZips Drive Time
  • Canada Territory Management: FSAs and Postal Code Hybrid
  • Mexican Postal Codes

Note: The growing list of countries now covered are: Unites States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Software code improvements

Thanks to the fast-growing community of RealZips users, we have identified and eliminated some minor software bugs. The most important bug fix in 3.1 is related to Mass Transfer of records between owners.

RealZips Distance

We're launching a fantasic add-on to RealZips, allowing calculation of Drive Distance and Drive Time estimation between objects in Salesforce! The customers that participated in the beta testing are seeing incredible results, optimizing marketing campaigns, sales planning and saving enormous amout of time in the field.

Learn more about RealZips distance here: RealZips Distance

Canada Territory Management - hybrid solution for FSAs and Postal Codes

Managing territories on a postal code level in Canada is a substantial challenge, since the country has 845,000 postal codes.

The alternative is to set up Canadian sales territories on the FSA (Forward Sortation Area). There are only 1,600 FSAs in Canada, which can however be too limiting in metropolitan areas such as Vancouver, Quebec and Montreal.

RealZips now provides a unique and powerful method to manage Canadian territories:
  • Assign all 1,600 FSAs to Sales territories (can also be channel partners, resellers, stores, etc.)
  • As needed, assign groups of Postal Codes in cities / metropolitan areas
The RealZips app will automatically assign Leads, Accounts, Contacts first on the postal code level. If no postal code exist, the FSA level level be selected.

Mexican Postal Codes

All Mexican postal codes are now available for RealZips:

Upcoming releases

We will keep adding countries, market data and some awesome features we have in the pipeline!


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