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RealZips Ver 4.1 with RealActions - Summer 2016

RealZips GeoData Platform – with RealActions™
Version 4.1 adds the app RealActions to the RealZips GeoData Platform
RealActions™ is an extremely powerful app within RealZips. RealActions automatically creates a stream of proposed actions, based on crucial changes across the CRM database records.

The stream of automated RealActions is highly structured, allowing the everyone in the organization to take action at the right time. For example, the owner of an Account can be notified when an Account has not been contacted in 45 days.
The RealActions app has unlimited use cases and is 100% customizable to fit your organization’s needs.

RealActions unique benefits
  • Trigger real-time notifications, chatter posts and tasks.
  • Highly structured data, allowing for deep analytics
  • Time stamps allow for analytics of crucial changes over time
  • Gamification is made possible with automated scoring of RealActions
RealActions included in RealZips base price

Since we strive to deliver world-class innovation to our customer base, the RealAction add-on is offered at no additional cost. New customers get RealActions, as they install RealZips. Existing customers simply need to upgrade to the latest version of RealZips to take advantage of this powerful app.

Thanks to RealActions, we can now deliver an even more powerful competitive advantage to our user base:
  • RealZips GeoData Platform – Territory Management and geographic structure across all CRM data
  • RealDatasets - Deep Market potential data across B2B and B2C markets. Real-time indexing of market potential and performance.
  • RealActions: Actionable Sales Data. Automated stream of RealActions, guiding the whole organization on how to drive results every day. 
The RealZips GeoData Platform: Right Place. Right Customer. Right Time:

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