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US Zip code not linking to RealZips app

If you have a large database in Salesforce, you will most likely have a number of records without a link to the RealZips app.

Data quality issues can cause many challenges, such as records being assigned to the wrong territories and commission being paid to the wrong salesperson. Always strive for having proactive processes in place, keeping address data clean.

Improve address data quality by taking these steps

Populate Country field
Make sure "Country" is populated with "US", "USA" or "United States". Since the default value for the United States value in the country picklist in Salesforce is "United States", the RealZips team recommends the use of "United States.

Missing Leading Zeros
Review Zip codes in New England, which often contain a leading zero. If you are missing a leading zero, you need to repair the Zip code. Missing leading zeros very often happens when data is imported from web forms and spreadsheets, and the field for Zip code is not set as "Text".

Repair Leading Zeros

Check if a Zip code is Valid
Next step is to make sure you have valid Zip codes. It's easy to find dummy Zip codes such as "00000" "11111", "55555", "00000", "99999", etc.

After taking these steps, you will most likely end up with a number of records that still do not connect to RealZips. 

Check if a Zip code Exists in the USPS Database

Take Action
  • If the Zip code does not exist, you can use the tab "ZIP code by Address". Enter the address, and you will get the Zip code (see screenshot above).
  • If you have a large number of addresses with incorrect Zip codes, consider running your data through address enhancement tool. Contact us and we can help you find the best app / provider for your type of address data.
  • If the Zip code exists, simply let RealZips Support know and we'll help you to immediately add the Zip code to your RealZips app!

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