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Turn RealZips Triggers On/Off

When installing additional third-party apps, or writing APEX code in your organization, it is sometimes necessary to turn off the triggers in a managed package.

This document shows you how to turn on / off the APEX triggers for the RealZips app.

There are five triggers in RealZips, running on Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Cases. 

1. Install the latest version of RealZips




2. Manage RZ Factors


- Go to Setup / Develop / Custom Settings

- ​Click Manage (screenshot below)

3. Click "New". Create a Setup Owner for "System Administrator:

4. When System Administrator is shown above, click "View"

5. You can now Edit, and turn the RealZips triggers off / on:

Remove checkbox for e.g. Opportunity:

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