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About Territory Management by zip

When all zip codes become available in Salesforce, it is straightforward to assign every zip code to one or more salespeople across your organization. Questions related to who is responsible for a certain tow...

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RealZips and Enterprise Territory Management (Territory Management 2.0)

Use RealZips GeoData for Enterprise Territory Management Territory Management 2.0 was introduced in the Winter '15 release. It is now called Enterprise Territory Management Enterprise Territo...

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RealZips History: Ownership & Territory Changes

In this article RealZips History on the RealZips page Setup History Tracking of RealZips fields Create a report on RealZips History RealZips History is is a powerful function in the RealZi...

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Mass Transfer RealZips to new sales representative

If your company has a primary sales representative owning each RealZip, you can easily transfer ownership to a new rep. You can Mass Transfer RealZips in two simple ways, either from user to user or by filteri...

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RealTerritories Add-on

The free RealTerritories add-on is a non-managed package, allowing the Salesforce Admin to completely customize the "RealTerritories" object. The RealTerritories object is linked to RealZips trough the field ...

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