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What can we do during the free trial?

The only limitation is the amount of geographic data you will have available. Everything else, you can test out. The geographic datasets available in the full version are unique. Certain data points describing...

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How is geographic data in RealZips updated?

The RealZips database is continuously updated. Updates are made available on a quarterly basis. Updates are very simple and take place through safe APIs, using web-based tools. The Salesforce Admin decides when...

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Are zip codes deleted from RealZips?

Zip codes are never deleted from the RealZips database. The USPS (United States Postal Service) continuously changes zip codes. In case the USPS retires a zip code, it will still be available with a comment un...

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Missing leading zeros in Microsoft Excel

Leading zeros in Zip codes often create challenges when moving data in or out of Common challenges You have a file of Leads in Microsoft Excel. the zip codes that start with a zero will often ...

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Why must country be populated?

As your organization's use of the RealZips app expands to other countries, you’ll notice that zip codes in different countries are quite often the same. If you haven’t already started enforcing the “Country” to...

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Which countries does RealZips support?

We currently deliver the United States and Canada. Major markets in Europe will be added next. We will continue to provide geographical datasets throughout the world to help drive your marketing and sales effor...

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How many salespeople can cover one zip code?

One salesperson per zip code The RealZips app supports a simple sales deployment out of the box: one sales person owning one zip code. Multiple salespeople per zip code It’s very easy to add additional sales...

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What can RealZips do? Examples.

All geographic data connects to your existing CRM data, creating endless possibilities to drive sales success: Instantly search and find all leads in the city “Ft Lauderdale” (today, you’ll likely find th...

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What happens to existing CRM data when uninstalling RealZips?

Nothing. The RealZips app is built to structure and enrich your CRM data, not manipulate existing data. The app can easily be installed and also removed. During the free trial period most clients enjoy substan...

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