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RealZips Ver 4.1 with RealActions - Summer 2016

RealZips GeoData Platform – with RealActions™ Version 4.1 adds the app RealActions to the RealZips GeoData Platform RealActions™ is an extremely powerful app within RealZips. RealActions automatically creates...

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RealZips version 3.11 - Spring 2016

The RealZips Spring '16 release further expands postal code coverage across North America and adds Drive Time Software code improvement RealZips Drive Time Canada Territory Management: FSAs and Postal ...

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RealZips version 2.2 - Winter 2015

The RealZips Winter '15 release expands postal code coverage across the major markets in Europe, plus adding Zip code / Postal code mapping capabilities. A number of pre-defined reports are now included to a...

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RealZips version 1.9 - Summer 2014

We're adding the following features: Management of Postal codes in Canada. Fields for FSAs (forward sortation area in Canada). Field "RealZips Ext ID", that is replacing ID". After the ...

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